I'm passionate about providing you a design that is clear, engaging, and unique.

Salt Water Communications Inc. began as a broadcast and corporate TV production, photography, web, and graphic design company in 1996.

Since 2012 I have focused on visual communication and graphic design support for various sized businesses in a variety of industries – education, municipal governments, museums, manufacturing, tourism, hospitality, entertainment, and the arts.

I have worked on hundreds of diverse design projects as well as traditional and digital photography. In the past, I have also been a writer, video editor, visual effects editor, director, and producer in broadcast, documentary, and corporate video productions. 

I’ve seen a massive amount of technology change in the industry over the years, but there is one constant that remains and that is authenticity.

Judy Atkinson

Types of Design Projects

PRINT: Reports, Booklets, Newsletters, Brochures, Restaurant Menus, Posters and Billboards, Exhibits, Displays, Signage, Trade Show Banners, Postcards and Flyers, Magazine and Newspaper Ads

DIGITAL: Websites, Social Media Management, Banner Ads, Digital Newsletters

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